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Originally Posted by t2000kw View Post
Mainly I just thought it would be an interesting discussion topic, but it would be interesting to have it as a meeting topic also. If these are not very fragile, maybe a show and tell could be set up with different kinds of them at the meeting?
Since the March meeting will be at my house (see This Thread for Details on Future Meetings) there won't be a need to move any shrimp to the meeting site

I have Cherries, Crystal Reds, New Bees, Blues, Snowballs, and Tiger Shrimp so far. Also on my shrimp rack Renee has Amanos, Ghost, Bamboo, and Vampire Shrimp. By the time of the meeting she will have probably moved her Crystal Reds and Cherries to the rack also, assuming she isn't in Cleveland by then.
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