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I based the time on the small amount used by the homebrewing community, 2 tablespoons per 5 gallons, but yes, more will work faster.

As for hot or cold water, it depends on whether you want to dissolve it in repeated soakings (and emptyings) or release the chlorine as gas (into the air) with a hot water rinse and get rid of it that way. In homebrewing (beer/wine), many of us use a hot water rinse. It takes less time and water to get rid of the chlorine this way.

But in this case, it might be better to do several soakings to get rid of it, if the stuff is hiding in little crevices between the sheets of glass.

I prefer iodophor myself as a sanitizing agent, but it stains, even glass if you are not careful, so I wouldn't use it for this.

What I'm wondering is if there's something that needs cleaned, not just sanitized to kill off a mold or something that might ge giving off the smell. Cleaning with a detergent is probably out, unless you use something from the food industry. But maybe scrubbing with something like baking soda and water would work. Then do the sanitizing if it needs it.
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