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Originally Posted by vic46 View Post
Above you state "I'd probably end up running the generator in sections of the fishroom". I hope that is not the literal intent. The exhaust from a gen set is lethal. It must be run outside with real heavy extension cords to reduce the power loss over distance.
I know this is a late reply, but I've been in Tampa (no the weather wasn't great only 60, lots of wind.. made rough fishing in the mangroves ).

Anyway, I meant if I had a generator, I'd likely use it to power certain sections of the fishroom, while leaving the actual generator outside... depending on how strong the generator is, the amount of heaters I have may overdraw the generator.

About carbon monoxide, I lost two friends in highschool while they were camping in the winter. They had a propane heater in the tent, my friends and one of their fathers never woke up... I wouldn't risk it.

On another note, there was a guy on the GCAS site who used a kerosene heater in his fishroom garage. He went back in after a day of work, and found everything coated in soot. It clogged all his airlines as well the blower and everything else.... feel bad for him.
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