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Originally Posted by t2000kw View Post
I believe that we're going to have someone taking pictures and we can put something together on our web site or in a sticky thread with a simple how-to narrative. Nothing like Diana Walstad's book, The Ecology of the Planted Aquarium, but something to help someone put a NPT (natural planted tank) together rather quickly. The book can be a bit overwhelming if you don't skip over the chemistry parts of it. I have some college chemistry and can understand some of it, but I skip over most of those parts.

We probably won't photograph the other part where we demonstrate what a diatom filter can do, which is just a "bonus" that we thought about since some members don't have one of these but might want to know how well they work, what they can be used for, etc. There's not much to capture in pictures for that part of it. And you don't need to use one to clear things up when putting your NPT together if you're careful. Ours have cleared out without using our DE filter very quickly, almost immediately.
I'd really appreciate the pics in a thread like you were talking about, dont worry about the diatom filter part I have a vortex
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