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Default Re: CAFE Spring Auction: March 31st!

The CAFE auction was great. Lots of different fishes for sale. The most common ones, if I remember correctly, were angelfish, various cichlids, guppies, and corydoras. Some equipment was auctioned off, including 2-29 or 30 gallon tanks, several 10 gallon tanks, some smaller tanks, nets, a python siphon, bio-wheel filters (some went for $5), and more. Lots of plants, too.

I left about the 1/2 way mark since I got most of what I came for. The discus went for too much money so I let others bid the price way up there. I was looking for bargains, so I didn't bid high on much of anything. As usual, some items went for more than they were worth, people getting caught up in the auction frenzy. But most items went for fair prices.

No crystal red shrimp were for auction, and that is what I had hoped to see.
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