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Default Secret for miniizing losses with fragile fish???

In the last few months we think we found a way to minimize losses with fragile fish, at least with cardinal and neon tetras.

We used to put them in a bare bottom quarantine tank with some floating plants to take up any ammonia from the fish. Loses were heavy in the first few days. Survivors that made it a few days to a week with no symptoms of disease went into an established tank. No losses after that.

Allen from our club noticed that once he put his in an established tank, losses ceased. High losses before that, though.

The batch before the last looked healthy enough so we took a small chance and put them directly into our established tank. No losses.

The last batch we got we put into an established but small tank for observation purposes (quarantine). Then transferred them into the large established tank. No losses.

Same thing with two weather loaches. One died. We immediately put the other one into an established tank. It is doing well after a month.

Has anyone else noticed that this works for fish that tend to die off shortly after bringing them home from a store?


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