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Default Re: Secret for miniizing losses with fragile fish???

I remember when I got my juvie discus. I spent hours and hours drip acclimating them to a fairly new tank. And by fairly new I mean the Bio-Wheel filter probably wasn't even established yet. I was religious in changing their water every day for the first month and didn't have any losses until months down the road. I have only used the QT method once on a pair of green rainbows my mom picked up. that's because I trust where I get my fish from (Monfort) and I don't trust where she got hers (PetSmart.) I think in a QT tank, if it's something that isn't setup all the time, using AmQuel Plus is all but necessary. I made sure it was used on the green rainbow QT tank (10gal, rocks, gravel from the 10yr old 29gal, water pump, heater, no light) and they turned out great. I haven't had any problems with adding groups of neons directly to a tank either. To the best of my recollection, I've always added fish directly to the tank they were going to live in, following a reasonable acclimation method of matching temp, gradually changing out the bag water for tank water, netting out the fish instead of dumping the whole bag, etc.

IMO, stress reduction is crucial - no/very low lighting, constant temp, clean water, dark colored gravel preferrably established, and a additive to neutralize NH4, NO2, NO3.
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