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Default Re: Secret for miniizing losses with fragile fish???

We now have a cycled, natural planted tank now that could be used for QT. No other fish in it but occasionally we move a few into it. It's a 10 gallon.

All of our planted tanks slowly move to a neutral or lower pH over time.

As for the local Petland's pH, it is around 7-7.2. What I don't like about their setup (I don't like much about them, as you can probably tell here . . .) is that all tanks in one bank share the same water path, so if one tank has a problem, all of them can end up with it. I don't know how often they change their water but from th elooks of it I don't think it's very often. That could be a local thing. We've had issues with the local place that we wouldn't have with most other stores, like no refunds on fish purchased on sale. We don't buy fish from them anymore after the last ordeal we went through--got the refund, but the way the manager dealt with us and the situation wasn't pleasant. They don't even have the courage to put a notice up in plain view that fish on sale are not guaranteed once the pass the register. It's on your receipt where it's too late. We got our refund on the legal principle that there was no mention of no guarantee before the sale so no contract was in force to negate the normal guarantee. Thanks to an undergrad business law class! But they won't have to confront that issue again with us since we don't buy anything live from them now, and I prefer to spend my money elsewhere on non-fish items. We have a Complete Pet Mart and even the online World Pet Store (which allows you to order online and arrange a local pickup, I believe) in town, and if I really need something only Petland has I will usually drive to Columbus, combining it with a trip to a couple of thrift stores, and buy fish food at PetSmart or Jack's. The attitude of PetSmart employees, at least in Grove City, is excellent. It may take a few minutes to get some help, and not all of the employees are knowledgeable on all of their products, but they are humble enough to admit that and can often get someone else who can be of more help. They make up for any lack of knowledge with their great attitude.
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