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Default Re: Secret for miniizing losses with fragile fish???

I forgot to mention another thing I like about PetSmart. They match their online prices. Petco does not honor their own online prices. But guess what? PetSmart will match Petco's online prices! (On the same exact items, but they do carry many of the same exact items in the fish department.)

Is there a fish store that some of the members have absolute trust in their fish as far as disease and health are concerned? Byerly's is gone in Columbus, so maybe we'll have to travel to Cincinnati or Dayton to visit such a store. I don't have that absolute confidence in PetSmart, but I am generally happy with the store and haven't experienced any horror stores with fish from there. But maybe it's an individual store thing, too, and maybe not all stores are as careful with their fish?

Liz, what is the store where you work like, and what do they stock? Is it only marine aquariums?
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