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Default Re: CAFE Spring Auction: March 31st!

I've been going to the GCAS auctions since October 2005 and I've never seen CRS on the block. I'll have some bags of 10 registered and expect to get somewhat lowballed on the price since most people don't really even know what they are, but am willing to take the risk in order to generate some future interest to hobbiests. Analogously, I've seen bags of rarer plants go cheap, while contrarily I've also put up a bag of 8 Red Swordtails that sold for over $20. It's hit and miss. It really depends on the impulse of the buyers and timing of the item being auctioned. Bidders can be gunshy the first couple of bags. Jump then! The end of the auction has many deals to be had as well. I've seen people come from far away to restock a fishstore that took a bad hit and bid up every bag it seemed like. You just can't predict an auction of this size that draws buyers from 3 states away.

Show up, test the waters, and good luck bidding!
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