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Default Re: Secret for miniizing losses with fragile fish???

Originally Posted by t2000kw View Post
Is there a fish store that some of the members have absolute trust in their fish as far as disease and health are concerned?
Monfort Aquarium on Colrain Avenue. It's easy to get to off of Ronald Regan Highway.
I don't have that absolute confidence in PetSmart
I don't blame you. Most places with centralized filtration and high school kids "maintaining" the tanks makes me skeptical. I have been very tempted to buy fish from them in the past but always refrained because I just can't be sure. I've seen how Monfort handles their new arrivals, I've been there when my cousin Eric has just gotten back from the airport, I've seen what they do behind the scenes. There aren't large aquatic convention folks that come to PetSmart and say, "Hold these expensive fish for us and setup our displays." like they have with Monfort. Industry people obviously trust Monfort Aquarium, they've been around longer than PetSmart, and they are sort of family to me, so I trust them completely. On top of that, I'm not going to get the personal, down-and-dirty, bottom-line, insider info from some PetSmart high school kid like I will from Tom or Dave at Monfort.
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