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Originally Posted by Six View Post
Anywho- I've seen and done almost everything as far as acclimation goes. I've seen wild fish live and die in QT. I've seen it vary from season to season. I've seen it vary with medications, temperature, and pH. It's a lot of information, and it's quite elaborate- really it's a science unto its own.
I'd like to see that store in Gehanna someday. I'm afraid to get into a marine tank but love to look at the fish in the aquariums in stores.

As for the lots of information, there's often one or more important "unknowns" and this turns it from a science into an art, something like modern medicine.

We're dealing with something in our goldfish tank right now, possibly brought over from another of our tanks on the siphon equipment. We've never bothered to sanitize it before, but I think we're going to start doing that now when we move to another tank.

It might be hexamita from the angelfish tank. They are natural carriers of that and remain symptom free as long as they are healthy. Melissa is using a gel medication on the two that look like they're affected the most, and we're considering dosing the tank with Clout after she's done doing that for a couple days. Clout worked very well for us before for another problem in that tank, and hexamita is listed on the label of the Clout container. We bought some pond size tablets, one tab for 100 gallons, and this is a 100 gallon tank, so I won't have to get out the balance scale (no, we're not druggies ) to weigh out a smaller portion like we would for a smaller tank. The nice thing about Clout in this tank is that the bottom feeders (corydoras) and the plants appeared to be OK with that standard dose. We didn't have the weather loach at the time.
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