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Default Re: Secret for miniizing losses with fragile fish???

I do know that while it is very strong and is sometimes more of a risk than a benefit, with our goldfish tank it's worked well in the past with no ill effects.

The nitromidazole is a common hexamita medicine. And some of the others may also be, but I'm not sure.

Good for ick, protozoan parasites, anchor worm, lice, flukes, leeches also.

Ingredients: 4-[p-(dimethylamino)-)O-Phenylbenzylidene]-2,5-cyclohexadien-1-xylidene dimethylammonium chloride; dimethyl (2,2,2-trichloro-1-hydroxy-ehtel) phosphonate; 1,2-dimmethyl-5 nitromidazole and inert ingredients as non toxic binders.

Symptoms: 1 goldfish has a hole in her wen (headgear). 1 is severely dropsical, 2 very slightly so. ! other one has a few diffuse red spots under the skin. 1 had a hemmorhage or bleed-out from the eye into the cheek area, not gill, under the eye. One has some hemmorhage areas under th ebelly where they have been sitting on the gravel (small capillaries).

If I ever do set up a saltwater tank, I'll stick with the sea weeds and some damselfish. I like those fish and they're not expensive. I can see having a few of them in a small tank, maybe a 20 gallon long or something in that range. I don't want a really small tank because things change too quickly to react in time. A larger tank acts as a buffer of sorts and buys you time to react.
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