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Default Re: Endlers Locally ???

Originally Posted by CincyCichlids View Post
I don't think he does... pretty much guaranteed he doesn't... it'd be neat to find a place to do a group buy for these things...
Yeah, I just bought 4 of them from The ship their fish in seperate bags and lots of padding. I use to buy saltwater fish from the when I was doing reef tanks. They are awesome, in fact one of them did not make the trip and they just credited my card without proof the fish died. The problem is these fish were and still are about an inch in size and at a cost of $23.99 a piece plus $34.00 to ship. A group order would be nice. They get them in and sold so fast though I am not sure how we could do that. I have been on there email list for 6 months now and they finnaly got some in. AZ gardens has them for $18.99 a piece but my experience with them has not bee a pleasent one so I will not order from them again. I know Aquarium Adventures has some in but they want $60.00 a pice for theirs. way to much....
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