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Alex : Merci, bonne chance nous tous en fait, nous allons en avoir besoin
Kooka : Great thanks I specify that it's after see the tank of kooka that I decided to start a planted tank

One of the characteristic of the tank is the number of plants... nearly 80 species. Before the launch of the project I've meet on forums many french aquascapers to learn all that I need before start... and it was said to me regularly that I was insane to want to have so many species... at this day I'm satisfied of the result...

With time I think that I reduced a little the number of species but at this day I've a beginner's matter... I can't choose among all my favorites plants, that's why there's all this species

Some informations about it :
- Lighting : 3x150w HQI 8000K + 2x38W Grolux at the back + 1x15W Grolux at each sides. Lighting in 2 times for a total of 10h daily (cut of 3h approximately)
- Substrate : ADA powersand + ADA tourmaline BC + ADA Aquasoil amazonia + undergravel heating cable
- Filters : 2 EHEIM 2128 (2x2100l/h) + 2 pumps in tank (2x300l/h) to brass water
- CO2 : 10 b/s, external reactor on separate circuit (600l/h) with UV light (if necessary), rejection on the level of the ground on all the back face and the left side
- Fertilization : Liquid doser to add a home mix of many fertilizer : Aquacare+/Aquacare/Flourish Excell/Fourish Iron, injected every hours. According to tests of NO3 and PO4 I use KNO3 and KH2PO4. And I add daily ADA ECA since 2 weeks
- Water : PH 6.5, KH 2, GH 4, TC 24

Some views of the closed galery with HQI : (not recently, approximately 1 month ago)

LED night light :

Sorry but I don't have a ready list plants, I must made it before tuesday for a french contest... I will post it when he's ok

Fisches :
- 11 corydoras panda
- 10 carnegellia strigata
- 10 nanostomus eques
- 10 nanostomus marginatus
- 10 otocinlus affinis
- 4 crossocheilus siamensis
- 5 hyphessobrycon rosaceus
- 6 hyphessobrycon pulchiprinnis
- 20 paracheirodon herbertaxelrodi
- 20 hemigrammus blegeri
- 50 paracheirdon axelrodi
- approximately 200 shrimp (caridina japonica, neocaridina tiger, red cherry, crystal red, white pearl, bumble bee, green, tiwarii et others)

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