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Default Re: Paliomnium affine????

I just won some of it on eBay. There is a little bit of info on it on Taken from a thread:

“Hi Steven,
the reason why you didn't found any info in the web is a typing error.
AquaticMagic describes the name with "Plagionium", the correct name is "Plagiomnium". If the genus is fixed, I expect it is P. affine (English name: Many-fruited Thyme-moss).
This moss (it is not a liverwort) grows normally emersed, but this does not mean that it doesn't grows submerged, too. It is very widespread in Eurasia and I didn't found any entry in a red list.
If you like to examine some pictures, try this: (scroll down to the begin of the 4th quarter of the page - this site is in German) (a British site)
And if you need some microscopical views: (this site is in French, but nice details).
Regards Uwe”

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