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Default Re: Help! Sudden Melting/burning Endcaps

I built them - picked up the electronic ballasts at the local electronic/lighting store and the end caps from That Fish Place (they are Coralife/Energy Savers water-resistant). Then I took some cheap extension cords to make the extra wiring I needed, and used electric tape to make the connections. I never had a problem for more than 8 years until this end cap issue.

I'm 99.9% the issue is the end caps - either corrosion or bad connection.

I spoke with several electronics suppliers - all said that there should not be a power issue with the F32 watt dual ballasts running a 36 W and a 32 W - what winds up happening is that your 36 W is a little underpowered what it could be. But given how bright it is already, and how amazingly beneficial the Aquarelle wavelength is for photosynthesis and for highlighting certain colors in your tank, believe me you don't need that few watts of extra power.
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