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Default Re: Paliomnium affine????

I've had some of this from the the same seller, Its been growing in a small container till i can put it in my new tank. I've had it for about 3 weeks, and there is a little new growth, i have it growing half emersed and half submerged. There a certainly greater growth from the emersed growth.

The leaves of the plant itself were quite a dark dull green when it arrived compaired to the photos on the add. The new submerged growth is a much brighter vivid green and the leaves are a lot smaller about 1-2mm max in diameter. The emersed growth is again a bright green although the leaves are even smaller.

I know of someone who has had the plant longer than me a thinks it will only be good grown emersed, but its early days so far to tell if its a good aquatic plant as it grows so slowly, but it looks super and if it is possible to grow well submerged it's well worth trying.
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