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I have dwarf hairgrass, Glossostigma, Moneywort, Anachris, Java Moss, Cryptocorynes, African bolbitis fern and Rotala rotundifolia. The glossostigma i got the same time i got my dwarf hairgrass and it has not shown any sign of growth either. The money wort i got about a month ago i think it has grown about half a inch thats it not much growth either. Yet the money wort has grown a lot of roots on it. Anachris is growing great and fast. Java Moss i got at the same time as Dwarf Hairgrass and i have not noticed it growing either. I have some Cryptocorynes and they are going great and fast. The fern has not grown at all but i hear it grows very slow. Rotala rotundifolia i just got so i can't tell you how it is growing at the moment. I pulled a group of the Dwarf Hairgrass last night and didn't look like roots were growing any.
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