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Default Re: Favorite Canister Filter for 55 Gallon Tank

OK... I'll agree with a 75g instead of the 55. Still a 4 ft footprint, but more depth front to back for scaping.

Filters...if you can afford it, get the Eheim 2128 with built-in heater. Descriptions here. Note where it says "Adjustable flow rate" under Features.

For Filstar, look here. They call it "Outflow Regulator". I've heard good things about Filstar, but have nothing but Eheim at this point.

Fluval...had pretty good customer service when I had to send a filter back to them. The problem is I had to send the filter back before they would send me a new one. Something like 3 weeks total I would have been without a filter if I hadn't bought my Eheim. Depending on the Fluval model I've had problems with latches breaking, O-rings deteriorating, and the case expanding to cause problems sealing. Others have obviously reported success. I also don't like Fluval's ribbed hoses. I'm sure there something about the fact that the ribbed hose won't kink, but Eheim's hoses are rigid enough that they don't seem to kink either.

Also, I haven't seen too many filters designed to be turned off on a regular basis. Cannisters will be easier to start than HOB if you decide to do this, though. You can also look at a prefilter sponge. Otherwise, a 4 ft long tank can provide a lot more water area for the bring shrimp to swim that won't be prone to getting sucked up into the filter. Then again, it will take a lot more of them to get the same visual effect
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