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Default Re: Favorite Canister Filter for 55 Gallon Tank

Originally Posted by ed seeley View Post
The Ehiems are great filters but despite what I posted earlier I've now changed my mind!
After buying a 2128 I wouldn't actually buy another. I'd go for the 2028 with a Hydor heater on the pipework. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the filter but the reasons for my change of mind are:
1. Because there's the heater probe in the tank, which isn't small
2. When I clean the filter I disconnect the pipes and then carry the whole unit to the sink to be cleaned, but with this filter I have to un-plug not only the pump's power, but the heater too and, most annoyingly, the connection to the thermostat that plugs into the digital readout/adjustment. It makes the whole process more annoying than it needs to be if I'd bought the 2028 and the Hydor.

Apart from that it's a great filter and the temperature adjustment is extremely convenient, if only they had designed some kind of quick release electrical connection too. I run mine with the taps slightly closed and have been assured by Ehiem distributor in the UK that this cannot cause any problems.

From a Biological/mechanical/chemical point of view I've filled my filter like this;
Bottom basket has Ceramic 'pre-filter' rings with the coarse Ehiem foam on top.
Middle basket is filled with Siporax and JBL sintered glass media
And the top basket has a bag of peat in to add tannins and acidify the water further (for the fishes benefit, but the plants don't seem to mind it). There's still room left if I want to add anything else!
Above all this the Ehiems have a floss pad for fine mechanical filtration (I bought a huge sheet of pond floss pad and have cut it up to form the pads. 8 bought me an enormous sheet).

Great filter, but I would get the seperate heater.

Thanks for the info...I have a few questions for you I will PM.
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