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Default Re: Dwarf Hairgrass

This is my experience with dwarf hairgrass after failing at it the first time around.

I had a bunch of hairgrass to start planted it cut it short but it was growing very very slowly if not at all. Also thread algae started to consume it while nothing else in my tank had thread algae.

After watching it slowly die from the algae I gave up and pulled as much as I could out and ordered a couple more pots of dwarf hairgrass. All my other plants were growing like weeds aswell so it wasn't ferts or CO2. What I learned was I had planted my hairgrass too deep and that was causing it to die/grow algae/ and see no growth.

My second attempt I planted the hairgrass with tweezers deep then pulled them up so that only the roots are under the soil. The hairgrass is now growing nicely with no signs of any algae.
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