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Default Re: Tiny super efficient CO2 reactor

I was at my local Petco and they had an Elite Mini (they only had one left too) so I thought I would give it a shot as a co2 reactor after reading about it here. See pics below!

Elite Mini box

The box contains the filter, flow nozzle, and tube with a venturi aerator.

Water flows in from the bottom of the filter and exits from the hole below. The green tab is the flow control slider.

Take the filter apart and remove the filter sponge as well as the green flow control slider.

Place the flow nozzle into the filter sponge.

Put the filter back together. The hole where the flow control slider was is where your co2 tube goes.

Put the filter sponge nozzle on the filter and your co2 tube in the flow control slider hole.

Place the filter in your tank, plug it in, watch the bubbles fly and the plants pearl!

Overall, the reactor works great in my 56 gallon tank. I placed the filter behind some driftwood in my tank so its out of sight. The output from my canister filter is right above it to help push any bubbles that reach the surface around the tank. The first full day it was hooked up my pH dropped from 7.4 to 7 and could've dropped more had I increased the bubble count. I'm impressed with how tiny the bubbles are when they come out of the reactor and my plants have been pearling like crazy. As other posters mentioned earlier, the reactor does make some noise as co2 passes through the filter. For me, the fans on the lights of my tank are much louder than the noise the reactor makes, so I don't hear anything unless I'm right next to the tank. The filter itself cost me about $10 so its great for someone on a budget. Thanks for the great idea!

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