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Default Re: Seachem Dosing Calculator/Chart

ok, so now I'm a little confused. I am just in the beginning of having a planted tank. I have had plants in my tank for awhile now, but decided to jump in and go for a "full" planted tank.

I have added 15 lbs. of red ferite approx. 3+" to my 29gl. tall tank with an additional 2" of course sand. I have a full population of fish in the tank. Dose with DIY Co2, and have approx. 30 plants just placed in the tank. T5 HO 68 watts.

This section of the forum has been confusing me with the large amounts of ferts. used, along with the large water changes. It reminds me of hydroponic growing methods using a passive substrate. I also understand that this is a general rule, and dosing and water changes vary from tank to tank.

Is it based on not having fish waste as a natural fertilizer?

Is this a general way to "super charge" your plants growth rate?

Sorry if this is a naive post, just getting started, and love the planted tanks.


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