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Default Re: Seachem Dosing Calculator/Chart

Hi Todd

Originally Posted by Freshwater View Post
OK, so now I'm a little confused. I am just in the beginning of having a planted tank. I have had plants in my tank for awhile now, but decided to jump in and go for a "full" planted tank.

I have added 15 lbs. of red Flourite approx. 3+" to my 29gl. tall tank with an additional 2" of course sand. I have a full population of fish in the tank. Dose with DIY CO2, and have approx. 30 plants just placed in the tank. T5 HO 68 watts.

This section of the forum has been confusing me with the large amounts of ferts. used, along with the large water changes. It reminds me of hydroponic growing methods using a passive substrate. I also understand that this is a general rule, and dosing and water changes vary from tank to tank.
It can be a little overwhelming.

Here's an article called "Introduction to Fertilizers for a Planted Tank" by Chuck. It helps greatly, but there's many more similar to it that's around:

Ben Bolton wrote a good one too:

Originally Posted by Freshwater View Post
Is it based on not having fish waste as a natural fertilizer?
The aquarium plant growing methods and knowledge about them are note quite up to the technology of hydroponics and the crops that we grow on land. There's many fert dosing plans and methods around. The lighting levels used and your CO2 levels used are two of the main reason why there are so many methods. The type of water that you have and the substrate used are also part of the diversion.

Many people are using more lighting and fish waste usually don't supply all the nutrients that aquatic plants need and in the amounts of the macro and micro ferts that they require.

But, you can try it with the "Diana Walstad method." Check out her book called Ecology of the Planted Aquarium or the El Natural forum here at APC:

Originally Posted by Freshwater View Post
Is this a general way to "super charge" your plants growth rate?
Sure there is. Light is the gas peddle, so to speak. Increase your lighting, add CO2 at a level around 30 ppm or so and dose correctly. They grow like weeds then.

Originally Posted by Freshwater View Post
Sorry if this is a naive post, just getting started, and love the planted tanks.


That's fine and you are welcome, Todd. We were all new at this at one time.

I hope that this helps you some. This Seachem dosing plan is easy to follow and while it's a little expensive, it works fine. It's the method that I started with, but like I said earlier, there are more dosing methods to try if you want. Most of the dosing methods have to be tuned to each tank anyway. EI and PPS-Pro are used by many people.

You can get the products if you want. Then you punch in 25 gallons in this calculator for your 29 gallon aquarium and follow that dosing plan and you're good to go. You can adjust it as needed though. The 25 gallons is the approximate water volume in a 29 gallon aquarium, by the way (29 gallons x 85% = 25 gallons).

Good luck and I hope that I helped you some.

Left C
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