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Default Re: Once more about soft vs. hard water and Ca:Mg ratios

Originally Posted by kekon View Post
...yellowing on young leaves.It's often confused with Fe deficiency. If you see something like this, and if you dose high levels of Fe it may be a clear sign that Mg is deficient (unless your current Ca:Mg ratio is 2:1 - in this case pale colors on young leaves may be a result of micro overfertizing)....)

Too much micros can lead to pale colored young leaves? That's an interesting statement! Is it just an assumption or did you really observe something like that?

May I also ask you about your experiences with silicates? Did you ever have problems with Si02 in the past (other than growth of diatoms during the initial stages of a new tank)? Do you know how much silicates your tank water and the water you use for wc's holds?

You have done an amazing amount of work. Thank you for your comprehensive summary!

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