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I'm about 145 miles to Boston.
I might be able to do a Boston run, could take my daughter to the Aquarium or a museum or something and make a whole day of it. She's old enough now where she isn't that big a problem, 12, but still can't be left for very long. She's good company anyway and likes my tanks. She'd be interested too.

I'm kind of used to this. I'm really into hybridizing daylilies and iris and the one garden club that's close is more of a gossip fest. Not into it. One good one in Maine but my daughter is the drawback there. She likes the flowers but isn't into the genetics end of it like I am. Would loose interest too fast.

Oh well. Enjoy it.
Did you check with public schools for a meeting place? Librarys, church buildings, I don't know if any grange halls still exsist down there. Places where girl/boy scouts, 4H clubs, AA meetings go. Would be cheap or free. I know the college and most likely the public schools would open a room for something that is educational and open to the public like that here.
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