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As someone also relatively new to planted tanks but with years of reefkeeping experience I know exactly where you are coming from. I thought a freshwater tank would be easy compared to a reef but when I started reading about fertilizers my head was spinning. Luckily I came across the "Estimative Index" which helps me keep things simple.
Your plans sound good but you never really state your objective for the tank, which really is what guides you through the process. As mentioned above, your plant choices will have a lot to do with your lighting requirements. You still need to decide (or list) your choice of substrate and fertilization method. You should have no problem finding tons of info on each subject. I would recommend starting out with as many stem plants as you can fit into the tank. These do a good job of using up those nutrients that you will be adding and competing with the algae. You can cycle in other plants as your tank ages, removing the stems periodically while replacing them with more desirable species.
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