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Thanks for all the feedback guys. After years of keeping a reef and getting pretty good at it I feel like a newbie again. As for where I want this tank to go, I really don't have a clue yet, but I will before I put anything in the tank. Some of my favorite freshwater fish are wild Angels, so I may try to design something around this.

Art_Giacosa, I'm not getting out of the reef hobby, just moving to a 280 gallon tank, but from what I've seen here and a couple of other sites I may put that on hold for a while.

dennis, I really need to take out the center 250 watt MH to use on one of my coral propagation tanks. What about keeping the two 175 watt MH's and two of the VHO's with 65k bulbs?

Thanks for all the info so far everyone.
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