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Default Re: SWOAPE Technology Directives

Originally Posted by megasycophant View Post
In light of the recent discussion regarding club officers, I'd like to suggest a new position and nominate myself. Heck, guess it need not even be a position. Wondering what's going on with the SWOAPE web site / presence, and would like to volunteer to take responsibility for such things. We've obviously got a forum to support day-in-day out activities, and our initial directives should encompass leveraging this resource rather than superseding it, though we may want to revisit this course once we've accomplished some of these other directives. In short, we should utilize available technologies for the growth of the club and to facilitate internal communication and coordination. Just off the top of my head, some goals may be (longer or shorter term):
  • Integration of online resources with the club website to offer a single point of information access to SWOAPE members, to include:
    • Membership directory (probably initially a directory of links to APC profile information)
    • Integration of APC SWOAPE forum
    • Annotated directory of useful online resources
  • Dynamic content management facilitating:
    • club officers to record and report club activities (meeting notes, financials, resources, etc)
    • articles written by club members
    • club news / newsletter publication
    • club member tank profiles / species listings / etc
  • Promotion of synergies between the online resources of SWOAPE and other clubs
There is a lot that can be accomplished with little or no cost to the club, especially since our bandwidth needs will be minimal.
Erik developed our website this past winter/spring. Unfortunately, his work schedule doesn't allow him to participate much anymore and the website has kind of stalled. also, unfortunately, Erik is the only one who has any access to the site since it is/was still in the development stage.

I would love to see this implemented in the very near future! As far as I am concerned, you can consider yourself the SWOAPE Technology Director I will try to get Erik in contact with you about the current website but you may have to start over again from the beginning.

Feel free to start on this whenever you want. It is something that is badly needed for the club and will help us grow and reach out to others.
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