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Default Re: Oceanic guys in Dallas?


No US manufacturer will produce a rimless/braceless tank cheap. If they do it it will be a special order and expensive. It will have unnecessary thick glass. It will have too much silicone. The silicone will be inferior quality. Don't even ask how they clean the glass before applying the glue. Beveled glass edges will cost extra.

I don't know much about the ex-Oceanic guy. He was supposed to specialize in custom, non-standard tanks.

An original German ADA tank is actually extremely cheap. There is a lot involved in the seemingly easy task of glueing together 5 pieces of glass and the Germans do it right. Call Dane at RiftToReef and get a quote for an ADA tank - 972-317-2341. Jeff from ADG will probably send you to either him or the other local distributor - TruePercula.

For the largest selection of tanks to look at go to Dallas North Aquarium.

We as a club have not done a group buy on any ADA stuff. If we talk tanks in particular call and see how cheap they are even with no discount.

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