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Default Re: My Talk/presentation on Fish TB disease

Originally Posted by modster View Post
sounds like an interesting talk. I wish i am close enough. Anyways, I have a question that I have always wanted ask. Can inverts, like shrimps and snails, carry fish TB? I know i sound very silly but i am just curious.
Not silly at all. Scientists have been struggling with your question for decades. No definitive answer. Yes, snails eat mycobacteria and live mycobacteria pass into the feces. Yes, infected daphnia transmit disease to fish that eat them. Yes, amoebae are a long-term (years) environmental reservoir.

But it doesn't sound like these fish pathogens set up long-term infections in snails and other invertebrates. I suspect that chronically infected fish are the main carriers of infectious mycobacteria. This is what aquarium hobbyists need to guard against.
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