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Default Re: Where the heck can I find Pool Filter Media gravel??

I am trying to figure out what I will need to plant up from a 10gal to a 20 gal. A friend offered me her used 20 and I haven't seen it yet. My plants did well, so I think at a minimum I'd only need duckweed. If I end up making an order and paying shipping, though, I may get a few more plants. I have a Brigs Apple snail, and really liked her, so I got another one. Ended up with a mated pair, she clutched and he must have died without me knowing it. One day he was ok, the next day, she had eaten him. Vicious. And she's huge, golfball sized and still growing. My water is warm, so don't imagine she'll live more than 6 more months. I've had her 5 months I think. Plus she doesn't stir the substrate and she does uproot stem plants. Ornery snail. I had an offer from another nice person here for MTS. You guys are great! I'm a cheapskate (part of the draw of low tech) and trying to avoid paying shipping for just one or two items. I do understand that live things need extra care, especially in winter. It would be ideal for me to find something locally, but no luck yet. I really liked Aquarium Adventures in Mason, but it closed a year or more ago. I've also been looking for a clean source for wild duckweed, but no luck there yet either. I really appreciate your offer. Can I hold off until I know what I am doing? It would be great if I do only need duckweed and MTS.
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