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Default Re: Where the heck can I find Pool Filter Media gravel??

k, a couple of questions?

You *need* duckweed? I guess to limit the amount of light? How about watersprite? Duckweed amounts to a lot of maintenance. If you want watersprite, I'll bring some to the next meeting. If you *really* want duckweed, most pet stores would probably be happy to give it to ya. I know the Jack's on Smithville in Dayton has way more than they need, if that helps any.

Regarding the 'vicious' apple snails... rmmm... huh? If he died, I'm thinking it didn't have much to do with her. If not, how did she 'take him out'? I used to breed these, and never witnessed any aggression, nor am I sure how they'd go about it? (Or why?)

BTW, for anyone who's not in the know, "Brigg's" are what are sold around here as Mystery snails.
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