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Default < Field of Dream > Journal

<<Field of Dream>> When start to develop this layout, I try to imagine a beautiful scene of a river side. What would be an attractive outcome of a river bed?
Base on this imagination, then, the theme and structure of this layout is developed. And now, I would like to share a journal of this layout to you

1) Tank size: 100cm x 40cm x 40cm, completely cleanup for this setup.

2) First apply a thin layer of black soil. The purpose of stainless steel mesh is to separate the sand and soil,
however, I took it out due to the layout adjustment.

3) Apply a thin layer of pacel W.

4) Then cover with base fertilizer.

5) A plastic mesh is covered on top of the base fertilizer. 。

6) Fill up with black soil and white sand.

7) Spay the soil surface to make it completely wet or fill in some water. The purpose is the wet soil dust would form as cement to hold the substrate.
Later on, when fill in with water, the sloped base would be keep and there would not have soil powder spread to the sand surface.
Besides, the stone could hold firmly if the soil is wet, that is to avoid stones pour down after water is filled.

8 ) On the foreground, the visual effect of the white sand is not matched, so have to give up and temporary replace with black soil,
The position of the stone also adjusted, after the water quality became stable, add two major plants Hemianthus micranthemoides and Vesicularia sp.Taiwan.

9) Hemianthus micranthemoides grow rapidly before prune, I have to prune those over grow strew for the first two month.
It start blooming after three month, it is the time to prune as the desirable shape.

10) To prune Hemianthus micranthemoides, you have to reserve a suitable length, the pruned strew and leaves must be clean up.
If those pruned part wilted on the shaped ball, part of the plant will also wilted, so to ensure clean up all the pruned leaves.

11) The Hemianthus micranthemoides grow densely after prune.

12) Finally, I select the sand for the foreground, it is ADA Sarawak Sand, the yellow brown appearance match the tone of the aged stone.

13) A month before photo, a final touch up is necessary.


Thanks for everyone who read it

Remarks : I am still very surprised about everything this scaping given to me. I hope after this post, I can put it behind me, and step forward to my new layout this year!! ^^

And, I would like to thank every CAU bros, designed such a great journal for me..and I learn many from yours setup journals.
In the coming two weeks, there will be more setup journals...
and finally, thx Gary Wu tanslate my bad chinese into english...

Thx again, everyone.

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