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Default Re: Tiny super efficient CO2 reactor

I was under the impression that the sponge helped. The idea behind it is that the bubbles get caught and get new water over them constantly so that they dissolve completely.

There are still bubbles getting out, even with the sponge and I would imagine that you will have similar performance with or without the sponge. I just like to keep more of the bubbles out of the water.

I can see the point of seeing the CO2 bubbles on the plants being visual reassurance of direct delivery, but I don't like the looks of a "misted" tank all that much. But in regards to a finer sponge catching the bubbles...if I know there is CO2 going into the diffuser and I don't see any coming has got to be dissolving. Ergo, the fewer bubbles I see the better, IMHO.
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