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Default Re: How-To: Mineralized Soil Substrate, by Aaron Talbot

Originally Posted by aquanut View Post
interesting writeup Aaron.

a few questions if I may;

what do you see as the principal benefit of this method when compared to using an already nutrient enriched substrate like Aquasoil, or Tropica's new line of fertilizer enriched substrates?
The mineralized topsoil will last for years and years needing only the occasional very small dose of potassium after the initial potassium source is used up. I've used Aquasoil and do like it, but it eventually requires dosing as I suspect the Tropica substrate will too. The 75 gallon tank in the picture was a year old when that picture was taken and I'd never dosed a thing.

secondly, have you found that stirring, or agitating the substrate is particularly hazardous in comparison to disturbing a non enriched substrate? if so, what steps do you take to prevent substrate disturbance?
As with any other substrate I always turn off any filters or powerheads before doing any real serious disturbing of the substrate. Whenever I do a major overhaul the water does get pretty cloudy, but a large water change and a night of filtration clears it up just as fast as if you'd disturbed mature Flourite or Aquasoil. I've also never noticed such a disturbance to trigger any algae blooms. Due to the soil being capped with your choice of inert substrate it doesn't tend to get disturbed easily on its own.

lastly... who still uses the term "muriate"? that is so old school. like, back in the old gravimetric world of chemistry, prior to the invention of the "mole".
I'm certainly no chemist, only a hobbyist. I'm just reading what's on the bag.

anyway, thanks for taking the time to write this up. Ive seen it mentioned many times before, never actually understood what was required to complete the process.
You're quite welcome. I hope you give it a try sometime. If you need help along the way I'm happy to oblige.
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