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Default Re: Tiny super efficient CO2 reactor

Originally Posted by Turtl3boy21 View Post
I have another "what is better" questions xD

A ceramic disc diffuser or the one on this thread?

About ceramic diffusers, does it dissolve c02 or mist? I know that tiny bubbles come out of the disc but i am under the impression that the bubbles are so small it dissolves before it hits the surface.
From recent, personal, experience (although coming from a relative noob), I can say that for a DIY system, glass diffusors are not ideal. I recently purchased a few from evilBay, set one up and proceeded to wait...and wait...and, etc. A brand new mix and twelve hours later, I had enough pressure built up for a nice stream of bubbles. About eight hours after that, the bubbling stopped. It's my opinion that glass (ceramic disc) diffusors require serious pressure to push thru the ceramic plate. Pressure not (consistently) achievable with DIY.

Until I come up with a better plan (the one in this Thread looks pretty good, atm), I'm running with something super simple. Not sure if you've seen this done before:

Seems to be OK, for the nonce, but will figure out something soon...
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