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Default Re: CO2 system suggestions for a 75gl tank

[QUOTE=ray-the-pilot;416470]As usual, I do not agree with anyone here.

Firstly. I have a pH controlled CO2 system and it is working great. For those people who say that CO2 doesn’t change you pH much let me point out that I am running a 4 gH, 2 kH tank and when I turn off the CO2 the pH goes to about 8.0 with CO2 "on" and CO2 at about 15 -20 ppm, the pH is 6.7. (facts not stuff off the top of my head).
If you are going to run a planted aquarium you will not want a lot of phosphates in your water anyway; so, they are not a problem with pH. Check you kH and PO4 regularly and get an extra hand held pH meter. The handheld and tank meter need to be calibrated regularly against reference solutions (which are an expense item along with an occasional new electrode).

There are some things about the AP system that I don’t like.
The reactor has to be in your tank and is big and ugly. Find one that works in-line. If you can switch to the “Best regulator in the world” do that. It can regulate the CO2 flow better.

Even with the system “as is” you will have way more control over your aquarium.[/QUOTE

It's O.K. do disagree, but it is a FACT that a ph controller is not needed in planted aquaria. Your proof is right hear at APC. The majority of folks do not use them and have great success long-term as I have. IMO it is another device that needs to be setup, maintainted and could possiblly malfunction. It is safer and more reliable to simply have your co2 shut off at night via the solenoid that is included with most regulators. This way the fish are not at risk during the evening when the plants aren't using the co2. My co2 out of the tap is around 7.5 and drops to 6.5 during the later part of the day. In the morning the ph is somewhere inbetween. It is a myth that a change in ph itself is dangerous to fish. BTW - Most folks here do a 50% wc weekly, what do you think happens to the ph when you add the new water. I have never had a problem and as I stated my ph out of tap is 7.5 and my peak co2 ph is around 6.5.
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