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Default Re: CO2 system suggestions for a 75gl tank

I have a 75 gal and dont use a pH controller. My water here is very soft and the softer the water and less alkalinity (KH) the lower the pH will run. I think a lot of members here forget what works in their tank won't in another because of the vastly different parameters water can have. You just need to regulate the CO2 flow properly. I also no longer use my solenoid as the pH fluctuated too much using it. Again, you need to balance the regulator and needle valve to achieve the desired level. I use a grounding probe in my tank and this renders a pH controller useless for correct readings. The amount of phosphate that you should have in your tank should not be an issue with pH devices. The drop checkers have the same issue with phosphate as a ph meter.

KIS = keep it simple. As Houseofcards and others said, its just another thing to keep up and another item that could break.

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