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Default Re: CO2 system suggestions for a 75gl tank

Originally Posted by chagovatoloco View Post
It's ok ray, we don't agree with you either.
Believe it or not there are a few pioneers and experts in the hobby that are on here, some of the best in the country(no I do not think I am one). We are not all idiots. With some listening and humility you might learn something.
You are right! I'm crazy and the photos of my tank are nothing but figments of my schizoid insanity. I never had Oto cats, Neon tetras or any other fish species breed in my tank. I’m insane because I’m planning to introduce Cabomba furcata in my tank.
Here is my plea! If you actually OWN a pH controller like I do then speak up!
If you don't own one, then how can you criticise/praise it?

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