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Default Re: CO2 system suggestions for a 75gl tank

Originally Posted by Newt View Post
KIS = keep it simple. As Houseofcards and others said, its just another thing to keep up and another item that could break.
How simple is this.

I set my drop counter to a level that gives me 20 ppm CO2. I set my pH meter to 6.7. When I go to sleep the pH is 6.7 and CO2 is 18 ppm. When I wake up the pH is 6.7 the CO2 is 18 ppm. Iím at full lights and my plants are cranking out tons of O2 (without a controller the pH will go up as high as 8.0) the pH of my tank is 6.7 and CO2 is 18ppm. My pH controller dies, pH increases with plant photosynthesis gradually to 8. (Same a when you run out of CO2).

OK what is simpler?
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