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Default Re: How-To: Mineralized Soil Substrate, by Aaron Talbot

I laughed pretty hard!

I bought top soil from homer depot and all it was, sand and mulch; I strained most of the heavy particulates and I ended up with pure sand.. dissapointing...
Than I decided to dig up some old fashioned soil in the back yard, heavy, mud-making stuff that worms crawl in. I followed the procedure, but I took it a step further and used a large kitchen strainer to remove all but the smallest pieces of particulates. In the end, I ended up with "black water" and let it settle for a few weeks. Some of the finest mud ever! then let it dry, wet again, etc. and all in all, it feels like a a bed of thick foamy sponge beneath the gravely sand I layed on top. plants love it and roors really start growing in the substrate!
Im happy i could make you laugh. I also hope people learned to check the bag for whats actually in it. On the bright side im using it to grow some emrsed plants outside it works pretty good lol.
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