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Default Re: CO2 system suggestions for a 75gl tank

Any help and advice about this system and any other possible system is very, very welcome!

This was originally posted. Now I thoroughly researched them and made my decision not to purchase one. Just because I went the opposite way you did dose not make my advise in valid. The same way that you making your decision dose not make you advise better. I chose to follow those "who are truly better than me" and I have learned much. I know that amano and tom barr don't use them and with good reason(not because they can't afford them). So I chose no to reinvent the wheel by learning the same thing my self. Much like the poster I do have money to buy what ever I like, some things are not worth it. This is my opinion and I am allowed to express and have it. Truth is owning some thing means just that, It dose not and will never make you and expert on it. I do love you though ray, you hold you ground no matter what!!! And with such vigilance.....WOW!!

fabrizio- this is where I get some of my information

"Fish keeping does not add CO2 to control pH though.
They use buffers like baking soda.

When the pH drops fast, it's a sign of some cycling going very wrong in a fish only tank, when you add say 4 Kh more baking soda to a 2 Kh tank, the fish will die and the pH will shoot up fast.

CO2 is not the same.

Think about this thought question:

What happens if I do a massive 60-70% weekly water change when I add CO2 and have a pH of 6.2, and the incoming tap is 7.6?

How much pH change do I see over a few minutes?
About 1 full unit.

The KH is the same with respect to the tap water and the tank water.
So the osmotic difference is the same, CO2 is not a salt.

Now, think about what folks do using CO2 and in planted tanks with 50% weekly water changes......

Any reports of dead fish?
Healthy happy fish and plants?

I'll let you ponder the rest and see how pH, at least in and of itself is not really the issue, rather the KH/buffering systems that change rapidly, and thereby also by definition, change the pH, are the real issue with respect to fish health.

Fish hobbyist hardly know beans about GH, KH, and chemistry of the pH/KH/CO2 system as it is. And then only in relation to ambient, not fertilization with CO2 ppms.

So that causes myths and confusion."

Tom Barr

(thank you again Tom)

yes another quote, sorry about the band with
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