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Default Re: CO2 system suggestions for a 75gl tank

Originally Posted by ray-the-pilot View Post
Here is the choice. You can believe ignorance superstition and hearsay or you can ask some one who knows. If you actually own one Id really like to hear about your experience!
Takashi Amano, Tom Barr, Rex Grigg and many others have shown a thorough grasp of planted aquaria, and are true pioneers of the hobby. When they say "you don't need this, it's a waste of money." I listen, as do many others. They don't make these claims lightly, and in the case of Tom Barr, almost all of his claims are backed up with data. Not "spent 5 minutes searching on google" data, but actual scientific methodology. Feel free to see for yourself. Take a look around that site, then come back and talk some more about superstition and ignorance.
Have you tested your pH controller vs. a fluctuating system? You can't be basing all of your viewpoint off of subjective personal experience. You claim to be a scientist, so you must believe in the method of science. You have made your hypothesis clear, but objective results have not been produced.
Test a fluctuating CO2 system vs. your pH controller. Show data, pictures of your results. Mr. Amano and Mr. Barr can repeatedly prove that their system works wonderfully, with the very healthiest plants and fish. If you want the respect they have earned, do as they did, and lead with your actions.

Until then, don't expect anyone to take you too seriously.
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