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Default Re: CO2 system suggestions for a 75gl tank

No, this is not the same thing. H2CO2, HCO3 and CO3 are basically the same thing with different amounts of H+ stuck to them.
Sugar is completely different. It is C6H12O6 and doesn’t react anything like the carbonate system.

The question whether sugar will turn into CO2 in your tank is actually an interesting question!

I can say with some assurance that sugar will be converted to CO2, if you have aerobic conditions in your tank.

All organic compounds are eventually converted to CO2 and water. The problem is that it is not like simple burning. In a biological matrix the sugar will be oxidized into a lot of intermediate compounds before it finally goes to CO2 and water. What these are and how they affect your fish/plants is hard to say.

My feeling is (which means this is an educated guess) that adding sugar to your water will promote the growth of a lot of bacteria and your tank will get cloudy and O2 levels will drop.

This guess is based on what happens to my wife’s humming bird feeder when she doesn’t sterilize it correctly.
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