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Default Re: CO2 system suggestions for a 75gl tank

I've been using the following Victor dual stage VTS-253A regulators with Swagelok or Ideal metering valves. I use Burkert and Clippard solenoids.

These regulators are great! I have 5 of them.

There are terrific for our use!!!!
Originally Posted by fabrizio View Post
Hello here,
I have a new 75gl tank and I would like to make it a live plant aquarium. So, I am looking around for a good CO2 system, I have a good budget to spend for it, so I wouldn't consider that an issue. I was looking into this system today and I would like any suggestions or thoughts:

Do you think that would be too much for a 75gl tank? Also, I can see that the reactor there uses a pump (a Rio pump): will that make it noisy? I am asking that because I know there are other CO2 systems without pumps, so I was wondering if that's something really needed for my tank size or not. I am not expert in CO2 systems and I never got one! Any help and advice about this system and any other possible system is very, very welcome!

Thank you in advance.

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