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Smile Re: CO2 system suggestions for a 75gl tank

Originally Posted by chagovatoloco View Post
It is the simplicity of this that make us non scientist follow this system. A solenoid set up with the lights and a cheap drop checker and even the novice is good to go. One need not be a chemist to follow and understand.
There is no difference between a pH controller and your vanilla system. When you set up your system, you have to fool around with the bubble rate to make sure that you get a good level of CO2. With a pH controller, you have to fool around with the pH until you get a good CO2 level. Once you find that you set it and forget it.

The difference is that your bubble counter cannot adjust to the rate of CO2 your plants use. So what you do is try to average it out by adding a solenoid valve and a timer.

With a pH controller the CO2 is automatically supplied at whatever rate you require. It is so accurate that I donít even have a drop checker because it is way too inaccurate. My pH controller can supply CO2 to within +/- 2 ppm. Your drop checker is great and you have really good color discrimination if you can tell +/- 10 ppm.

With my pH controller, my tank cranks! I mean it churns out O2 like you cannot believe. It is so good that I'll have to throttle it back because I don't want to spend my time with my arm in the tank cutting back plant growth! For real!

Look I know you think Tom Barr is God but sometimes people can get behind the times.

Maybe a pH controller wasnít worth it when it cost $1000.00 but at $110.00 they are worth it (at least to some people).

And like you say, maybe this is too much technology for some people and not worth it.
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