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Default Re: CO2 system suggestions for a 75gl tank

Yeah my co2 chart readings are defiitely off. Here's why:

I used to use PH Down when i did water changes because the water out of my tap had a high ph 8+ and fairly low kh. I Didn't want to shock my discus with such a large ph shock, so i would lower the ph to about 7.2 or so and add it to the tank. Since i got my co2 controller, i stopped adding PH Down and just add the water directly to the tank after i Prime the whole tank. The PH raises about .4-.6 over the course of the water change, but after about an hour it settles and after every water change i raise the ph on my controller .2 maybe a little more.

It's only been 2 weeks and 2 40% water changes and i'm wondering how long it will be until the "buffer" is out of the water. Getting as close to the colour on the Cal Aqua double drop checker, I set the Ph, and it's hard for me to get above a ph of 6.

When i changed my water last night, i did extensive testing and realized my kH was lower than i thought, I would say less than 2dkH. Something is not right with the buffers in my water if the drop checker is reading what i believe to be near 30ppm. Other than that everything is going very well. Not really any algae, fish are great, healthy and active. Water clean and clear. My cryp spiralis is really growing tall and full.

Here's the results of my test I'm pretty happy with these results with just tap, i was really stressing my tap water situation a few months ago.

Ph: 6.1
Nitrate: 20+ppm
GH: 6
Kh: <2 Added Bicarb to bring it to about 3
Phosphate: .5ppm
Iron: .5ppm
Co2: about 30ppm
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