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Default pressurized C02 cost

I think I'm to the point where my DIY C02 just isn't cutting it anymore. I'm having a lot of issues with GSA and from what I've read one of the causes can be fluxulations in C02 levels which I'm sure I have.

I've called a few local (Seattle) welding supply places and it seems like it's going to cost me $114 for a 5# tank and $14 to refill it. The way this place does is you buy the tank then you swap tanks when you need a refill. I'm not sure if they would take a cheaper tank from ebay or something or even if that is a normal price for a C02 tank.

I was going to get the Rex Grigg regulator set-up for $116 but add the Fabco needle valve for $8 more.

This whole thing would cost me $238 plus shipping and tax, Jesus I think I might just stick with DIY and deal with scrubbing the glass every weekend.
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